Rhodes College hosted a local 14 team scrimmage this weekend, open to local teams and judged entirely by coaches with open identity on ballots (i.e. everyone always knew who they were watching/hitting/judging).

All four rounds were pre-paired based on perceived strength so, rather than provide multiple team awards, we had some fun with the awards we presented. Some were based on ideas we have seen at other invitationals and some we just made up. A summary of the awards given is below. Again, thank you to all the teams that were able to attend, we had a wonderful time hosting you all! I've included an explanation of how each individual award was calculated below.

OUTSTANDING TRIAL TEAM: MTSU "B" with 8 wins, 0 losses.

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY AWARD: Washington University B - 29 points

(Named for an alum of Rhodes College, this award was voted on by secret ballot by each member of the listed team for the teammate they feel most contributes to the success of the team either through competitive excellence, team work, or some combination of each):

Eastern Kentucky University A - Alexandra Sipes
Eastern Kentucky University B - Katherine Hall
Mississippi College A - Katelyn Riley
Millsaps - Alden Howard
MTSU A - Rachel Harmon
MTSU B - Constance Grieves
North Alabama A - Justin Hill
Rhodes 872 - Maggie Cupit
Rhodes White - Emily Hutson
Rhodes Black - Alex McGriff
Rhodes Red - Elizabeth White
Washington University A - Rebecca Gosch
Washington University B - Abigail Kertzman

BEST MOCKER: Pauline Dyer - 872 - 40 ranks

TOP ATTORNEY: Winner - Mathew Jehl - 872

PEOPLE'S CHOICE - ATTORNEY: Winner - Rachel Harmon - MTSU A
PEOPLE'S CHOICE - WITNESS: Winner - Pauline Dyer - 872

BEST OPENER - PROSECUTION: Winner - William Lay - Rhodes Black
Runner up - Kevin Pearlman - Washington University A

BEST OPENER - DEFENSE: Winner - Thomas Cull - 872
Runner up - Jaime Zucker - Washington University B

BEST CLOSER - PROSECUTION Winner: - Devin Bos - Rhodes White
Runner up - Constance Grieves - MTSU B

BEST CLOSER - DEFENSE Winner: - Elizabeth White - Rhodes Red
Runner up - Emily Hutson - Rhodes White

BEST MIDDLE ATTORNEY Winner: - Ben Morrell - 872
Runner up - Kevin Pearlman - Washington University A

BEST EXPERT WITNESS Winner: - Amelia Yeomelkis - Rhodes White
Runner up - Rebecca Gosch - Washington University A

BEST CHARACTER WITNESS: Winner - Cole Wyatt - Rhodes White
Runner up - Ella Fishman - Washington University A

BEST FACT WITNESS: Winner - Thomas Polambo - MTSU B
Runner up - Brooke Borcherding - MTSU A

People's Choice was selected based on secret ballot filled out by each competing team. Each team was given 2 votes for attorney and 2 for witness that they could provide to any opposing team they faced over the weekend.

Top Mocker was selected based on combined ranks on both sides of the case. Top Attorney and Witness awards were based on ranks per side of the case (team record was used as a tiebreaker when necessary).

Top Opener and Closer awards were given based on the individual attorneys W/L/T record against the opposing Opener/Closer. In the event of a tie, the CS from the qualifying side was used.